Remote views for April

Results for April 1 – Box items 1) Glass ceiling light cover, frosted and cracked glass appearance, cylindrical 4X6″ with smaller top circle that attaches to light base, 2) A 2″ pine cone from a lodgepole pine tree. The box was non-descript.

Mystery category – Person was sitting in a living room (Denise’s house if you know it) viewing two things, 1: TV with program showing an ET trade show with scene from old Star Trek with Captain Kirk and Warf prominent in view, and 2: A sandwich (raisin bread with lettuce, tomatoe and cucumber)

3 cards drawn in order were: 10 of diamonds, 8 of spades and 4 of hearts.

Group focus for the week of April 1-8 – Mexico.  Participants are encouraged to focus together at Noon (MST) on April 8 and if they like throughout the week at random.  This week the McKinnons are responsible for the Remote View items for this Sunday which have been set up as follows:

1) Item(s) in a box – what is it (they)?

2) Mystery focus – it could be anything.  Focus.

3) Three cards – What are they?

Items will be posted here by 4 p.m. on the Sunday of the group focus.  We welcome comments.