May 27 Focus and upcoming weekly locations

Hi everyone;

Sorry for being out of touch for the last little while.  Summer hits and all plants break loose around here.  So the focus location for this week is China.  There is a lot of heat there in many ways.

Next weeks:  June 3 – Russia

June 10 Alberta – specifically redneck attitudes

June 17 Male energy around the world, alignment with God

June 24 – Chicago, don’t ask me why.


Last week’s remote view items:  May 20th, were as follows

Box items: In case you cannot make it out, it is a small grey metal filing box, like for bank cards or recipe cards,

inside was a black marble with yellow and red designs, a pipe, and blue lighter, a joy to the world present tag, and a seashell that has one end open with colorful insides.  Box May 20

Cards for this week:

And mystery item was a mirror:  so whatever you got is correct because it will be the reflection of whatever you were focused on.  K, next time you will not find it so easy!!!

Hope everyone has a great week and see you on Sunday!



About mindworkers

Those interested in remote view practice and world influence through the power of mind

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