May 7th News from Miracle Bay

Well, it will be no surprise to most of you that Michael has made a miraculous recovery.  The doctors were shaking their heads, which is just as it should be.  As of last night, Michael was eating, was up and walking around, and of course feeling like he was hit by a truck, but he is stable and all of his IV’s and shunts were removed.  He will have physio and some more testing to ensure he is out of the woods, so you may keep focusing on him for the next little while.  But suffice it to say that this is really great news and thank you to all who helped out with the focus.  Whether it was us or Michael’s amazing healing abilities, I think we all probably do not care, but know that this is what our teacher is talking about and when it is applied, miracles manifest.  Again, thanks do not express the gratitude.  I will say, good work Masters!!


PS. Stay tuned for the RV results, so if you did not have time for that, you can still do the remote view on the cards, box and mystery item.


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