April 29 RV Results

Here it is everyone:

Card results

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 If anyone had wrought iron fencing or a gate, or a wishing/holy well, good for you.  If you also got IRELAND, good for you!!

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So, the items are a Mr. Noodles (chicken), A brown leather hat, a flashlight with an eyeball in the front, a black plastic cone and inside the cone is actually a water fountain that mounts on the wall and is of the sun (blue and purple) that is holding out it’s hands to catch the water. In case you were wondering.

Next weeks focus is on the Gulf of Mexico, in particular the polluted waters of the Gulf.  Thanks for tuning in folks….


April 22 Remote View

Viewer sees;
sitting by a river where smooth flowing water tumbles over a semicircular line if rocks creating ripples. 2 Mallard ducks fly overhead from right to left. A large pine tree is in the center of vision on the other side of the river. Four yellow arrows sit beside be on a bench tails close together and the target tip points fanning out evenly. Closing eyes there is a vivid vision of three smoke stacks in my mind. The two on the right have smoke coming from them, they are tall with red and white bands at the top of the three stacks.

1. Cordless phone – curvy shape, Uniden 6.0 is the model
2. There is an ornament that could be a jewelry holder – it just has a quartz crystal in it now. The ornamet is two dragons tails locked but both facing each other as wrapped around a half clam shell. Both dragons are cooperatively guarding the massive (1/2) pearl. The pearl can be lifted up to reveal the crystal. The dragons are detailed but not colourful – single pale pink colour.
3. An ornate glass pitcher (empty), wide bottom like an hourglass but the top is much smaller in a distinct classical look. The handle is silver and wraps securely around the throat of the pitcher and curves down near the side of the pitcher like a large question-mark.

1st 6 Spades
2nd J Hearts
3rd 4 Clubs

April 15 Remote view items

Hi Everyone;

This weeks remote views were:


11:15 AM Tuesday walking toward St. Joseph’s Cathedral, there is a cross atop the peak and three bells in the tower beside the gable. To the left is the three storey brick rectory. The Cathedral is beige and it has a large smoke stack to the back of it between the two buildings. To my right before me is an elderly man with cane and red cap slowly walking down the alley to the church. To the left of the alley is a parking lot and to the right is a short row of shops. I am walking to my van to move it from its two-hour parking spot.

Two items in box: 1. A gold filigree ballpoint pen. The filigree creates diamond patterns. All in gold. (Well – fake gold)

2. A Santa Claus candle holder. Santa is in a long red gown with traditional white trim with a little gold over the trim and there is a little moon and 3 stars cut-out in the gown for the light to shine through, plus he has green mitts and is holding a green bag over his shoulder. There are two miniature hand crocheted poinsettias sticking out of his cap…

Three cards: 8 Spades, 3 Spades, 5 Clubs

Let us know how you did!

Check into the comments for how people did…

Remote view locations for this week:  We will do the Straits of Georgia between Vancouver Island and the Mainland.  Brazil next week – the wildlife and forests….non human focus….

April 9

So this week’s focus location will be the Ocean Floor off the South Coast of China, some thing might be going on there, some feel, so we will work on that.  Sunday noon MST.  Results of Remote view will be posted by 4.  If anyone gets an impression and wants to share, post it here.  Thanks,



Hi there;

My apologies to all who tried to post and could not.  I have sent out invitations.  If anyone else is interested in participation online please email me at smileyo@xplornet.ca and I will invite you. Then you can add comments and posts if you like, that would make it easier yet for the ones doing the remote views to post their results.   Eventually I would like to have pictures uploaded of the actual views so people can see for themselves.  Thanks,


April 8, 2012

Sorry for the delay, I was planting garlic.

I would like all those who participate in the remote view and global focus to keep in touch via this site.  Here you can add comments below with the results of your focus, if you like, or anything else.  What I would like is everyone to enter their thought for the focus location for this week coming up, again, the one that we will focus on together at noon on Sunday the 15th.  Please do that by the end of today and I will post it for focus consideration tomorrow.  Also who wants to volunteer to do the remote view next week?  Please email me…..

Results of April 8 remote view exercises:


1)  In a red shoe box:  1 1/2″ silver screw, and one stuffed horse (brown and white).

2) Card focus:  Ace of clubs, 5 of diamonds, Joker (one with King of Hearts riding a bike if you have that deck)

3) Mystery focus:  The book on Surviving Solar Flares: orange and black cover.

4) bonus focus: Location – in Rick and Tracey’s living room, there were 4 horizontal green lights and 2 chocolate foil covered Easter eggs in view.


Just to recap:  if you are the remote view choosers, we focus on a box with items in it (could be a bag), pick 3 cards and then you can do a mystery focus of your choice.  In this weeks’ case, Rick and Tracey chose 2 mystery items.  That is up to you.

So how did you do?  Any comments add below.

Who wants next week’s remote views?


I am considering changing Mindworkers to God’s Adepts in Action (GAIA for short), so it would be gaia.wordpress.com.  Those in favor vote below, or if you want to leave it the same or have a different suggestion, comment below please.